This is a gallery-quality giclée art print on 100% cotton rag archival paper, printed with archival inks.

Limited prints

Limited Prints are special editions signed and numbered by the artist, printed to a very restricted number.


-No available Limited Prints for sale-

artist proofs - cards signing

Artist Proofs are special Magic cards sent by Wizards Of The Coast to each artists when a new set of the game is released. They have a blank white back intsead of the usual back of all cards. There is only a very restricted number of 50 for regular proofs and 30 for foil proofs of each copy. They are the rarest cards of the game !


- They are not tournament legal, but fully playable out there ! -

For any enquiries to get one of them, please contact :
Mark Aronowistz : serra3[a]

Coming Soon...


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A good way to embelish your desktop or your games !!

Original Art

art mentor, portrait painting, oil portrait, art


For every of my client work I use to paint in digital. However behind my final paintings, there is always a traditional sketch and I keep producing paintings during spare time. So, when one of both will be available, you could see it here...


Private commission

Due an amount of commercial work, I no longer accept private commissions anymore at this time. Thanks !