I am a 15+ experienced French based creative Illustrator. My work draws inspiration in mythology, legends and wild nature. I love working on world-building who depict epic and ambitious stories with a fresh look on Fantasy. Over the years I've worked for a large variety of projects including novel covers, tarot games, children books,  illustrated books... Althoug, since 2017 my work is rather dedicated for Games and Entertainment.



Currently, I am most willing to help you with :

  • Any Fantasy Illustrations
  • Cover art
  • Character / Creature designs
  • Visual development



I'm always up for interesting and challenging projects whatever the application. So if it's your case, please, shoot me an email !








   To avoid any possible confusion, my work is created with no AI generated. I am a reel human ! :)

Available for Freelance


- Professional Inquiries only -

Contact me at : ahonoreillustration[a]gmail.com


Or you can just follow my art here and leave a comment if you like something  ! :)

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