Photo credit : © Julien Pironin




As long as I remember, I've still drawn a lot during my childhood. But I've literally fallen in love about fantasy and dreamlike worlds, when I was 12, with famous game books of Ian Livingstone, Joe dever and other. Later I discovered the Lord of the Rings and the TSR stories, it was a revelation, I dreamt to be a Fantasy artist !


13 years later, in 2007, I started my artist career displaying my paintings at galleries. In years that followed and for more than a decade, I've been a Freelance Artist in narrative-driven illustrations for the publishing industry and games. What I'm still currently doing...


These days I live and work in a little village very close to the hobbits shire in Normandy, in France.




Star City Games
White Wizard Games
Mangoose Publishing
White Gobelins Games
La Haute Roche
Le Héron d'argent
Barrington Stoke
Café salé Ink





Infected By Art vol. 6


- What medium do you use to make your art ?

I currently paint in digital for more efficiency and flexibility with commercial work. But I'm still painting with oils or watercolor for my personal work.


- Are you available for commissions ?

I will be very excited to be involved on one of your awesome projects ! Feel free to contact me :


 - Do you go to any convention ?

I don't go to a vertiginous amount of convention. I'm a busy guy and I do not have the time to be on the road every weekend. So, I go to 3 or 4 cons a year in France. Suscribe to my news letter to know where will be my upcoming event !


- Where can I find your published work ?

It really depend of the commissioned work. But more often my published work is available on amazone or in specialised stores for my gaming work. Leave me a message if you don't find any one of them and I'll try to help you as possible as I can.