As a self-taught artist I always learnt from my peers. Because we all need to learn from each other if we want to get better. This section is for aspiring artists who want to go further in their way of creating and push their craft in an other level. It could be a little help at a questioning moment or a longer support on a creative process.


I suggest you two art mentor programs :

Short but effective

  • I will review your portfolio and give you his strenght and weakness.
  • I will provide you a complete review and in-depth critiques of a single piece.
  • You will have a photoshop paint-over file with feedbacks. The review can be done over mail or a live video session.


Whatever your current technique, all media is welcome.

Monthly program

This program is for those who want a regular pace in their process. We will talk about your art, your goals and objectives. We will see where you are in your evolution and your techniques.


With weekly video sessions, chats and mails, we will do :

  • Taking you from thumbnail to final art piece
  • Providing in-depth reviews with paint-over
  • Finding the best way on improving your current body of work
  • Working your techniques
  • Working on lights and values
  • Working on your composition
  • Using good references
  • Working on what is the best for you to push your art to the next level
  • And more...

I'm looking forward to give you my best as your Art Mentor !

I currently do not accept the Monthy Program due to my position as a teacher and mentor with :


EDAA and Institut ARTLINE

Programme du Mentorat version Française
Mentorat Artistique .pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 305.6 KB


Mainly for the Monthly program



- When will we be in touch ?

After your application was approved, we will talks about your availabilities and schedule a moment once a week for a 40-60 minutes video session. Outside the speaking time, you can email me at any time.


- How long is the program ?

The program is as long as you want, month after month. Feel free to stop it at any time !


- I don't speak French, can I be an applicant to the program ?

Yes, you don't need to speak French to be an applicant ! However I will only speak english during the program. For video sessions if you're not able to have an oral conversation, Chat is a welcoming solution. English people, please, do not be too strict with me, my oral is a bit rusty !


-When does it start ?

After your application was approved, we will start the first week of the following month.

How to apply

Choose your application and send it with the link below each program.


There is no portfolio review required but it's recommanded to send me a link or a sample of your work. This way I could see if you are a good fit for the Mentorship.


In your application mail, please include a short brief with :

- your artistic aspirations

- your goals

- what you are looking for through the Mentorship

- a little of your current story


If you have any question about the Mentorship, feel free to contact me : ahonoreillustration@gmail.com


I look forward to hearing from you soon !