Witch illustration, horror art
The Witch
Sorcerer, Mage, Fantasy illustration, skull
Death Mage
Griphon, Griffin, fantasy art illustration
Fire moon assault
Dragon, Fantasy, Alexandre Honoré, digital art, illustration, illustrateur Normandie,  légendes, RPG, game art, art, concept art, spirit
Chungtsu, Spirit of the Wind
sphinx ,fantasy art, lion, oracle, magic creature, character
Arkanach the Oracle
hand painting, fantasy illustration
Blue Moon ritual
Star city games, Mtg, magic the gathering, playmat, fantasy, JDR, tapis de jeu, specter, wendigo, trappeur, great lakes, forest, haunted, alexandre Honoré, art
Whittled away / ©Star City Games
illustration, fantasy art, crows illustration, vampire, alexandre honoré, art, digital painting, dark fantasy
Spectral flock
Landscape, orbe, fantasy art, thunder, strom, ocean, sea, illustration
Reefs of oblivion

Character Design

sniper, character, jeu de rôle, personnage, Fantasy, Alexandre Honoré
Sniper / ©Unrevealed project
homebrew games, orc, shaman, fantasy art, rpg, character, personnage de JDR, alexandre Honoré
Shaman Orc / ©Homebrew Games
character design, rpg, vampire hunter
Vampire Huntress
character design, rpg, demon
Ajani, MTG, Dnd, Wizards of the coast, rpg, character
Tribute to Ajani
character design, rpg, merfolk, warrior
Merfolk lancer